1. rabbi
    ‍‍June 21, 2017 - כז סיון תשעז @ 7:21 pm

    We realize that this is an important and potentially historic choice for our community. We invite our readers to register and share their well-considered opinions with our readers. We pray that a thoughtful and informative conversation can take place in this online forum and at our various public forums.

  2. yochanah
    ‍‍June 23, 2017 - כט סיון תשעז @ 11:37 am

    It is my understanding that there were five female judges who made rulings over the Israelites. They had the ability to ascertain G-d messages and transmit those messages to Kol Yesrael. For too long our community has deprived Kol Yesrael of this asset. We could never be a complete people without the mothers of Israel total contributions. Now, I don’t believe that I am a Torah learned man. But I do know that it is our mothers who has the most sway in our value system. I feel it is time to go back to the original way of growing our community. Allow the women of Israel to sit with the men as Torah Rabbis. May it be Hashem Will!

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