Kabbalah Course

Kabbalah Course Cover


Students who are registered to take this course will have access to the following resources:

1. Syllabus listing all assignments for the course.

2. Video lectures covering such topics as how to use Omnijoin and content related to the couse.

3. Powerpoint presentations and supplementary materials.

4. The ability to submit assignments and take exams.

Syllabus Summer 2015

Download (PDF, 139KB)

"Kabbalah Revealed" by Anthony Kosinec

"Kabbalah Revealed" by Anthony Kosinec

In this video Anthony Kosinec explains concepts that are helpful to our understanding of Etz Chaim. Please view before class and take notes.

"Making of the Chariot" by Rabbi Sholomo Levy

Download (PDF, 2.01MB)

Kabbalah and Religion: The Difference

In this video Anthony Kosinec explains an important distinction between the popular understanding of “religion” and the practice of “kabbalah.” This is for your consideration only. We will discuss and debate his ideas in class.

Rabbi Levy Lecture "The Four Worlds"

Download (PDF, 1.3MB)

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