“Come, let us reason together” Isaiah 1:18

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“Let the words of my mouth and the meditation of my heart be acceptable before You, O Lord, my Rock and my Redeemer.” – Psalm 19:14

Discussion Commandments

  1. We are the creators of this site; only those who obey the rules can participate.
  2. Thou shall never disrespect thy brother or sister (and we are all brothers and sisters).
  3. Thou shall not take or use names that hurt, insult, or offend.
  4. Each thing and topic in it’s proper place…and only in that place.
  5. Thou shall give a topic a “rest” if instructed to do so by a monitor.
  6. Speak only for thyself and only about things which you know to be true.
  7. “Keep they tongue from evil and thy lips from speaking guile” – Psalm 34:13; i.e., no gossip–even if true.
  8. Thou shall not sell, solicit, or promote products or events.
  9. Thou shall not, in the opinion of the moderator, speak too often or submit comments that are too long.
  10. Thou shall come in peace and go in peace.

Suggested Topics For Discussion

Torah Talk Weekly Here we discuss the weekly Torah and Haftorah readings–both those that have recently passed and those that are approaching. We encourage participants to share their own insights, opinions, and observations. However, if you heard a great sermon or read an excellent commentary that might enrich (rather than dominate) the conversation, share it with us.
Youth Lounge Very social and very relaxed. If you have to ask how old is too old to enter this area, then you are probably too old-of-heart to be here. This space is mainly for those who want to talk to their Peeps and issue a few shout out to their brothers and sisters on the net.
Race Matters Black, White, Neither, or Both? Encountering Racism, Anti-Semitism, Either or Neither? If it involves perceptions of identity, then this is where it belongs. “Come, let us reason together.” – Isaiah 1:18
Jesus’ Place “We are not “messianic Jews,” but we know that the  question of Jesus as God, messiah, prophet, or rabbi is an important one that we take very seriously. There should be a place where intelligent people can discuss this topic respectfully. If you have questions or opinions about Jesus, then this is the designated place on this site to express them. Hallelujah!  

You decide what the next chat room should be devoted to.



  1. Leonard Wells
    ‍‍March 12, 2014 - י אדר ב' תשעד @ 4:07 pm

    The Holy Day of Purim FAQ
    Central Ptolemaic Diaspora; hence Maghrebi Jews(Black Israelites) should observe. Furthermore this History be a basis for Yiddishkeit in North America.
    Secondly DNA concurrs witherso our Machpacha as to the Megilla.
    its funny as much as effort in Reform Judaism until I fully convert; I am still a Jew who has not yet fully converted.

  2. Leonard Wells
    ‍‍June 8, 2014 - י סיון תשעד @ 5:06 pm

    Jew who forgot their Judaism: Timne, Futa Futa, Bambara, Fante, Mandara, Mandeka all have the oral tradition of Maghrebim Israelite origin along with Beta-Israel. This is evidence of the ressurection bone and the neshama. The allotment of the right of return is chronicled in our time Judaism is our Halakhic heritage .

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